DRYVIEW DVE Laser Imaging Film combines the advantage of dry laser imaging with high-quality films – which provide the diagnostic qualities you expect.

DRYVIEW DVE Film provides excellent diagnostic visualization of fine detail, sharp image rendition and a cool image tone. DRYVIEW DVE Film is infrared-sensitive and is used in the CARESTREAM DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems.

  • With multiple film size selections, a DRYVIEW Film is available to meet your specific imaging needs.
  • Long shelf life – DRYVIEW Film can be stored and used for many months, simplifying inventory control and creating a potential for cost savings.
  • Simple film reloading – DRYVIEW Film cartridges load easily in full light and use minimal packaging.
  • Various film sizes available
    1. 35 x 43cm (14”x 17”)
    2. 35 x 35cm (14”x 14”)
    3. 25 x 30cm (10”x 12”)
    4. 20 x 25cm ( 8”x 10”)
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