Ferroguard Screener

Ferroguard Screener is an advanced ferromagnetic detection safety system for MRI facilities.

Its purpose is to alert facility staff to the presence of the smallest ferromagnetic risk items on patients or staff members who will be entering Zone IV.

Ferroguard Screener’s industry leading Fluxgate sensors ensure that the smallest ferromagnetic risk items are detected, protecting against projectile incidents, and reducing the probability of time wasting ferromagnetic artefacts and ferromagnetic risk items through the clear visual alert. The system is also fitted with an audible alert, which may be configured on/off and may have volume adjusted as required.

The wall mounted Ferroguard Screener contains highly sensitive magnetometers that detect changes in the MRI fringe field caused by the presence of moving ferromagnetic objects in their vicinity. The magnetometers are passive. They monitor magnetic fields only and do not emit any magnetic field.

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